Crane and aerial work platform (AWP) rental

Crane and aerial work platform (AWP) rental

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Crane and aerial work platform (AWP) rental

We have a large, diverse and technologically advanced rental fleet of every size and lifting capacity. This allows us to offer both private individuals and companies a wide selection of vehicles that can carry out all sorts of lifting and handling operations.

You can choose between two options: the operated rental (with operator) or the bare rental (without operator).

Thanks to our lasting partnership with a highly skilled team of assemblers, we are able to offer a high quality “turnkey” solution, as we transport, lift, handle and even assemble whatever you need.

Rentals are available 24/7 from any of our offices: Faenza, Forlì, Ravenna, Bologna (San Lazzaro di Savena) and Fano.

We provide over 7,000 clients with our high standard services. Our clients are private individuals, professionals and companies from all over the country. More in detail, we deal with surveyors, artisans, retailers, rental service providers, prefabricated builders, carpenters but also oil companies, chemical companies, petrochemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, engineering companies, etc.

Thanks to our experience and the takeover of Campedelli & C. S.r.l., we hold a top position in the market: at regional level (Emilia Romagna), we are one of the leading companies in rental services; at national level, we are among the top four in terms of lifting capacity.

We ensure the satisfaction of all our customers, including the most demanding, as we meet all their requests, even the most unusual and complex ones, by offering them a wide range of rental vehicles.


To give you the best in any situation, we own a fleet of 35 mobile cranes, divided into hydraulic cranes and truck cranes, whose capacities range from 10 to 500 tons. Given the importance of having modern and efficient vehicles, our fleet relies only on the best manufacturers, namely Grove, Liebherr, Demag, Terex, and Marchetti.

The most important investment of the last few years is without a doubt the purchase of the TEREX DEMAG AC 500/2 mobile crane.

This investment was motivated by the company’s ambition to grow, improve and continue to innovate over time. Until then, the most important crane owned by Baldini Group was the 400-ton LIEBHERR mobile crane, but thanks to this further investment, the TEREX DEMAG AC 500/2 became our new flagship. Our latest purchase is the new 300-ton Grove.

Thus, Baldini Group has become one of the few companies in Italy - in relation to the crane and lifting truck rental sector - to own this vehicle.

This truck crane can be used in various fields and sectors, including lifting operations involving beams, tanks, machinery and structures of every size and weight as well as for bridge or boat launching operations.

The main features of the TEREX DEMAG AC 500/2 are the following:

  • 56-meter telescopic arm
  • 63-meter fixed jib
  • 90-meter falcon with variable sprint
  • 180-ton ballast
  • 8-meter overall length
  • additional stabilisation


We rent out a wide range of self-propelled and truck-mounted aerial work platforms up to 70 meters high.

In 2018 the new MULTITEL PAGLIERO MJ 685 aerial work platform was purchased. It can reach a maximum working height of 68.7 meters. In more detail, the MULTITEL PAGLIERO MJ 685 features a basket with a maximum capacity of 400 kg and can lift up to 4 operators at the same time. The basket maximum walking surface height is 66.7 meters and its outreach go up to 35 meters.

This new vehicle enriches our current fleet, allowing us to satisfy every possible request from our customers in terms of AWP.


We have both fixed and rotary telehandlers with different lifting capacities and attachments. You can choose between the operated rental (with operator) and the bare rental (without operator).


We provide a complete and reliable service: we rent, load, transport and unload tanks, water butts, cisterns and containers of all sizes, types (prefabricated offices, open containers, certified containers, etc.) and weights. In addition to that, we also collect, transport and dismantle used cisterns.

Contact one of our offices to make an appointment, fix an inspection or get a quote in a few minutes.

  • Faenza Headquarters: Via Granarolo, 113 Faenza 48018 – Tel: 0546/686315
  • Forlì Office: Via Don E. Servadei, 4 Forlì 47122 – Tel: 0543/720020
  • Bologna Office: Via Esperanto, 2 San Lazzaro di Savena 40068 – Tel: 051/454600
  • Ravenna Office:Via Romagnoli, 12 Ravenna 48123 – Tel: 0544/453084
  • Fano Office: Via G. Toniolo, 25 Fano 61032 – Tel: 348 7322009

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