Truck crane rental

“Operated rental” means that not only do we provide the truck crane, but also a highly skilled operator who has the know-how to operate the vehicle properly and in full compliance with safety standards.
“Bare rental” means that we just provide the vehicle and then the client is responsible for operating it. In that case, the client has to guarantee that the vehicle will be operated by skilled operators who have been properly trained and informed about the use of the machinery.
Because our operators and drivers, after years of experience and training, are all highly skilled and qualified. Furthermore, for the “bare rental” to be possible, the truck crane operator is required to hold all the certificates of training in compliance with current legislation (as laid down by the Italian Legislative Decree  81/08 – link http://www.lavoro.gov.it/sicurezzalavoro/MS/Normativa/Pages/default.aspx).
A truck crane is far more flexible and can intervene on site much quicker than a tower crane. A tower crane, in fact, needs to be assembled and therefore can’t assure the same speed of intervention. In addition, a truck crane, being self-propelled, can be moved around the whole building site, whereas a tower crane, once assembled, can only work within its working radius.
If you rent a crane under 100 tons, it will take around 2 hours (as long as the building site is within 30 miles from one of our garages).
There is no time limit: 365 days a year, from Monday to Sunday.
It is the linear distance between the axis of rotation of the crane and the point where the load has to be lifted or placed.

Aerial work platforms rental

It is a vehicle, either self-propelled (intended for building sites) or truck-mounted (intended for use on the road), that enables qualified and skilled operators to work up to 328 ft high.
The speed of intervention. We have a wide range of truck-mounted aerial work platforms that can be easily driven to your building site. Therefore, in a couple of hours you will be able to start working with the aerial work platform you required.
A scaffolding is a semi permanent  structure that can only reach a preset and limited height. An aerial work platform, instead, can reach the height you need each time. In addition, the height can be reset: you just have to press a button and this can be done even while working at height. On the other hand, to move a scaffolding you have to come down and move it manually.
Considering both the assembly and dismantling phases, it takes 6 days. Furthermore, the scaffolding, as provided for by law, not only should be certified, but an assembly, use and dismantling plan (similar to the lifting plan for cranes) should also be drawn up.
Yes, we both have scissor lifts and boom-supported platforms. They can also be equipped with non-marking tyres in case of very delicate floors.
All our platforms are intended to work outdoors. Choose among our self-propelled and truck-mounted platforms up to 341 ft high.
If you rent a 65 ft platform, it will be there within 2 hours from your request.
There is no time limit: 365 days a year, from Monday to Sunday.
Working height, obstacles to get over or to be crossed and whether the work is indoors or outdoors.

Car scrapping

Documents needed to scrap a vehicle: – Vehicle Registration Certificate (or declaration of loss); – Ownership Certificate  (or declaration of loss); – Holder(/s)’s Identity Document (duplex and valid); Documents needed to scrap a vehicle registered in the name of a company: – Vehicle Registration Certificate (or declaration of loss); – Ownership Certificate (or declaration of loss); – Statement in lieu signed by the legal representative; – Legal representative’s Identity Document (duplex and valid).
Yes, we do. Costs can vary depending on the distance and the vehicle conditions.

Spare parts

– Vehicle’s brand; – Vehicle’s year and model; – Type of fuel (diesel or petrol; engine acronym);
You can collect them from Monday to Friday, 8 am – 12 pm ; 2 pm – 6 pm.

Tow truck

Go to the law enforcement agency who seized it and ask for a notice authorising the release of the vehicle or certifying the change of keeper. Then, you will be able to collect your vehicle paying for the service we provided. http://www.prefettura.it/bologna/contenuti/48648.htm
Of course you can and there is no time limit. In all the cities where we are based we have a car yard surrounded by a fence where we can leave your vehicle safely.
Our fleet allows us to recover every type of vehicle (cars, tractor units, camper vans, semi-trailers, excavators, tippers etc.), even off-road.
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 8 am – 7 pm and even on Saturday morning. Anyway, should you have any special need, just tell us in advance and we will arrange for you to come and recover your vehicle any time and day you want.

Abnormal loads

We have tractor units, flatbed trucks, trailers and semi-trailers of every type and size.
When the vehicle exceeds the standard legal size or weight limits, that is when it exceeds 2.55 m in height, 4 m in length, 16.5 m in width or 44 tons in weight (considering both the carrying vehicle and the carried load).
Of course. As our slogan states: “quality, anywhere, anytime”.
Yes, you just need to tell us a couple a weeks in advance.
You need to tell us at least 15 days in advance.