Our philosophy

In 2015, we redesigned our logo, adding a slogan which summarises in a few words the spirit and philosophy that have always driven the Baldini family: Baldini Group – “quality, anywhere, anytime”.

Quality: in our sector quality is synonymous with safety and the experience gained by our staff over the years enables us to guarantee you that nothing is left to chance and everything is planned as best as we can to meet our customers’ expectations. In fact, Baldini Group and its customers share the same great ambition: we both want to be, everyone in their sector, the best in the market.

Everywhere: we always want to push ourselves beyond our limits to meet our customer’s needs. Therefore we diversify our activities, we travel extensively and our services are available both in Italy and abroad.

Anytime: whenever the customer needs us, Baldini Group is there. As much as the task might be difficult, whatever you ask, our answer will always be “yes, we can”. We are a lot more than just entrepreneurs or employees: for more than five decades, we have been the answer to our customer’s needs.


Our history

Baldini Group is a long established Italian company. Market leader in its sector, Baldini Group has always meant expertise and professionalism.
Barbara Baldini, who holds a degree in economics, is the head of the accounting and financial sector; Andrea Baldini is the head of the car scrapping sector and Arrigo Baldini, Baldini Group’s founder and Andrea and Barbara’s father, is the head of the roadside assistance sector.

Founded in the early 1960’s by the Baldini brothers, the company today everyone knows as “Baldini Group” was at that time nothing but a tobacconist’s. Later, the Baldini brothers decided to step into the roadside assistance sector, specialising in light and heavy vehicles recovery.
The increase in demand and their spirit of enterprise led the two founders to buy a first office in Faenza, in via Melozzo. In the 1970’s, they bought several technologically advanced vehicles and started to carry out some lifting and handling operations. They also became the official supplier of the Italian Automobile Club in Faenza (ACI Faenza). That was a real turning point and led them to move to Via Granarolo, where the current office is.

In 1984, Arrigo Baldini took over the whole company, becoming its sole member. Then, he founded Autogrù Baldini S.n.c.
Over the years, thanks to a series of targeted investments in cutting edge vehicles, the company gained more and more clients all over Emilia-Romagna.
Motivated by the success, in 1997 Autogrù Baldini S.n.c. decided to take over Nannini S.r.l., a crane rental company based in Forlì which also held a scrapping license. This new challenge for the Baldini family proved to be a real success. In fact, the entrance in the scrapping sector allowed Baldini Group to offer its clients a complete package of services: from the crashed vehicle recovery to its scrapping.

In 2000, Baldini Group expanded again, taking over Campedelli & C S.r.l., a rental company that had been working with renowned firms belonging to the group led by the Italian multinational oil and gas company ENI (such as Saipem, Enipower, Polimeri Europa – currently Versalis S.p.a.). This move was a real watershed for Baldini Group, which turned into a market leading company in national and international industrial lifting  operations.

In 2001, the company opened a new office in Bologna (San Lazzaro di Savena), stepping into the roadside assistance market even in the western part of Emilia-Romagna. In the same year, Crash S.r.l was created. Since then, Andrea Baldini has been leading Crash S.r.l and has been managing all the activities related to the scrapping sector. The scrapping sector became an even more substantial part of Baldini Group’s activities in 2010, when Dem.Auto, a company based in Faenza, was taken over.
In 2011, during the event “Protagonisti per lo sviluppo” (Key players  for development) held in the Confartigianato headquarters in Ravenna, Baldini Group was awarded a prize for its leading role as one of the most growing and thriving companies in Emilia-Romagna.

In 2014, Baldini Group took over the customer portfolio of F.lli Tommassoni S.r.l., a company based in Fano (PU) which had been working for over 40 years in the crane/aerial work platform sector. This allowed Baldini Group to become even more established in the market.

Currently, Baldini Group is a leading company based in several strategic cities such as Faenza, Forlì, Ravenna, Bologna and Fano. The Group has been able to stand out in a very competitive marketplace thanks to its philosophy based on values such as fairness, expertise, speed and efficiency.
Considering all its branches, the staff is made up of over 100 workers and the overall annual turnover is around €10 million.